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Faiths Together in Lambeth (FTiL) is an independent, Lambeth-wide body, fostering constructive relationships among faith communities and promoting faith and multi-faith involvement in civic life.
The charitable objects of FTiL are the promotion of religious harmony for the benefit of the public by:
a) promoting knowledge and mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different religious faiths, and.
b) educating the public in different religious beliefs including am awareness of their distinctive features and their common ground to promote good relations between persons of different faiths

Member Organisations: This includes faith organisations and faith-based groups operating in Lambeth that support the objects of FTiL. Each member organisation will designate in writing a representative to act in its name within FTiL.

It is possible for other organisations operating in Lambeth that support with objects of FTiL to become non-voting Associate Organisations of FTiL.

To apply, please complete the online form below.

A PDF Version of the Form is also available which you can download, print out, sign and send the form by post to:
Faiths Together in Lambeth, 24 Holmewood Gardens, London, SW2 3RS

There is no fee for membership at present.

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