Following an initiative by Chief Superintendant Richard Wood in April 2014, informal meetings of Faiths Together members with the Borough Commander have taken place every 4 months. The venue for meetings has usually alternated between the police station and different faith community premises. This arrangement continued when Chief Supt Simon Messinger took over as Borough Commander of Lambeth and Southwak in March 2018.

October 2014 Brixton Police Station

February 2015 SGI-UK Nichiren Buddhist Centre

June 2015 Brixton Police Station

October 2015 South London Islamic Centre

February 2016 Brixton Police Station

June 2016 South London Liberal Synagogue

October 2016 Brixton Police Station

February 2017 Brixton Police Station

June 2017 Caribbean Hindu Cultural Society

October 2017 Brixton Police Station (Chief Superintendant Simon Messinger also present)

 February 2018 Corpus Christi Church (Farewell to Mr Wood)

June 2018 Brixton Police Station (Mr Messinger now Borough Commander)

October 2018 South London Islamic Centre

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